Sublimation Halloween Designs

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Please choose design from your chart along with your size transfer needed..

 Sublimation must be used with at least 50% polyester (white or light colored garment) but will show better results the closer to 100% polyester your garment is (white or light colored garment). The higher the polyester content, the brighter and clearer your image will be. The lower the polyester content, the more vintage, faded or aged your image will be.
Application Instructions Set temperature on heat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.Set timer to 45-60 seconds.Set Pressure at medium.Place paper face down on garment. The garment needs to be at least 50% polyester and white or light color fabric.Press at 400 degrees F for45- 60 seconds with medium pressure Remove paper immediately and peel hot. Allow garment to cool.